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Updated: 24/09/2020

We sell small breed puppies and registered ragdoll kittens in Perth, Western Australia. We have moved from Coventry Village in Morley and are now located in the suburb of Armadale.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. All are WA pups and kittens.

No deposits or any other monies required until after your viewing.

We have never & will never support puppy mills.

Our animals are purchased mostly from locals who contact us by word of mouth with surprise pregnancies. There are a few planned ones that we buy.  All our animals are raised in homes with loving families, as these make the very best friends that you ever hope for.

We welcome visitors, enquires.

All our animals are vet checked. After purchasing an animal, within 48 hours, you may have a free vet check & 30-day free pet insurance.


Do not leave your new pup alone with older dog un-accompanied. It may get hurt, or be unable to get a drink or food, or be chased around so much it goes into hypoglycemiathen organ failure can occur.

  1. To prevent hypoglycemia limit stress and exercise
  2. Put honey on its gums twice a day for 3 to4 days after you bring the puppy home.
  3. Give it plenty of Lectade to drink supplied free to you – It is a good idea to have a 5-10 ml syringe handy if the puppy is not drinking well. Top up the Puppy’s fluids by slowly dripping it onto tongue at side of mouth at least twice per day (just like giving a baby a bottle at night)
  4. Keep the 2 litres of fluid in the fridge until needed!

The stress of moving home may cause diarrhea. Do not leave this as normal!! Phone Helena. (changing its diet will cause diarrhea and cause dehydration)

Dehydration can cause hypoglycemia which can cause organ failure. The smaller your puppy is, the quicker all this can happen, and it is avoidable.

Puppy Hypoglycaemia means low blood sugar.

Glucose is the form of sugar in the blood. Glycogen is the storage form of glucose and is found in the liver and muscle cells. In puppies, hypoglycaemia is caused by poor nutrition or indigestible food.

Strenuous exercise, as well as stress, play contributing factors as well.

Commonly this happens when the puppy is overexerted by humans or an older existing family pet.


  • Lack of energy
  • Listless
  • Seizures (very severe cases)
  • Falling over
  • Appearing weak or even comatose

Remember glucose is necessary for brain & muscle function.

There are simple solutions for simple symptoms. If your puppy undergoes stress, overexertion, or poor nutrition DON’T PANIC. Try rubbing honey on their gums or by putting Lectade in their water. Even Karo syrup helps. If you see no improvement, please do not hesitate to contact the vet.

You have probably noticed how active all our puppies are. We supply them with the most nutritious food and drink, never too hot or cold. This produces very physically and mentally happy puppies.


Due to the high volume of calls, most will go to messaging. We do answer all messages and text messages.

7 Westminster Court, Armadale, Perth, WA

By Appointment only.


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