Puppies for Sale


Puppies for Sale,

Perth WA.

Updated: August 12th - 2020

If you wish to enquire about puppies below or other types of small breed pups, send a request to us here and we'll send details. At your option, we then add you to a list, or lists, to notify you when we have any coming in. 

We reply to all within 24 hours. If you haven't heard from us, check your spam box! 

We will post on the puppies page any that become available or are coming soon. These will be viewed in a sterile area outside of Helena's residence.



We show both coming and sold pups below as all is done by waiting list now. Over a year we have a fairly good mix of the various small breeds and crosses.


Latest news 09/08

Thanks to those who waited on the Schanauzer and General lists who secured the four Schnauzer cross pups this week!

Mid-August arrivals:

2 male Moodles.

5 Poochon, Tibetan Spaniel cross pups (4 girls, 1 boy). For those that don't know, a Poochon is a Poodle, Bichon Frise cross. Viewings for those on the list Aug. 15.


1 male Papillon. Viewings Aug. 20 for those on the list.


2 male Moodles. Viewings Aug. 20 for those on the list.


Plus the first litter of Cavaliers below.

Those on the waiting lists choose first.


Mar 20 A Cavalier King Charles male puppy with a light blue collar 2


8 weeks old in Mid -August, Cavalier King Charles (3 female and 2 male tri-colour). Viewings for those at the top of th list will be on the 13th.

After that:


8 weeks old approx. at the end of August, there will be 2 Cavalier King Charles litters (5 tri-colour plus one black and tan).


8 weeks old first week of October. 1 litter of Cavalier King Charles pups.



Sold 10/07. Two Parti Pomeranian female pups.

Dec 13 A Mini Pomeranian male tri coloured puppy


One last note re waiting lists. If you aren't on one, your chances of ever viewing a puppy are very slim at the current time. 

There are no costs and no deposits taken.



Due to Covid, in the future, any puppies that become available will be viewed at Helena's in a sterile & safe location. By appointment only in Armadale! The Morley location has been permanently shut.


We really do update this page every day! The people that are successful in finding a puppy go on the wait lists and check this page often. 


2 male and 3 female Silky Terrier pups. All in and sold July 2020.

June 25 2020 Silky Terrier puppies 4


There is a request link in the top paragraph on this page.


ARRIVED & Sold June 2020 - Pug puppies. A girl with a black coat, plus 2 more girls with fawn coats. We are accepting names however for future Pug puppies.


The Griffon Bruxellios, Schnauzer (25%) Griffon Bruxellios cross puppies, 2 girls, 2 boys sold June 2020

Griffon Bruxellios Schnauzer cross boys


7 Maltese Shih Tzus and 3 Moodles arrived and sold June 2020.

Mar 26 A male tri colour Maltese Shih Tzu cross puppy with a black collar


Mar 26 A male Moodle puppy with a gold coat and a blue collar


3 male Jack Russells.  Sold June 2020. 

June 26 2020 Jack Russell 1c



Please note. Helena will not jack up her profit structure due to Covid. She is like Costco - cost plus X.

All the puppies are always from WA.



Puppies must be 8 weeks old and of proper weight, before you can take them home.

Disclaimer 1

The puppies are largely fed a diet of freshly cooked chicken and rice. If you change the diet, please change it slowly. Quick changes may result in diarrhoea etc. and we will not be responsible.

Disclaimer 2

All efforts are made to verify each breed. However, such things as DNA tests are beyond our means. The physical traits of long ago generations show up from time to time. Just as they do in people.


Important - Please Read

All puppies vet checked twice, microchipped and a minimum of first vaccination.

Treated for fleas, heartworm and worms.

Socialised so they get along with other pets.

Bathed and nails done.

Parent images and date of birth available from Helena.