Ragdoll Kittens


Ragdoll Kittens for sale.

We will let you know when more Ragdolls will be arriving.

Our new male stud has arrived. His name is Antique Original (Ollie). He has direct lineage to the original US Ragdolls.

No calls after 8 pm please, except for emergencies.


Open Today: 31/03/2020

All are Registered.


Do Ragdolls get along well with dogs? Yes, they are known for that!

Ragdoll kittens and puppies in a pen 2


Included are vaccinations, microchipping and sterilization.


Here is Sir Harry - He is often in an armchair at the front of the shop. He is definitely not for sale but you may pet him.

Sir Harry

Dec 31 2017 Sir Harry 2


Call Helena for more information.

Come and see us at Coventry Village in Morley.